Contrasts of daily life in Bangkok

Street vendors with iPads, market stall owners absorbed in levelling up in their latest smartphone game while the customers walk by – it’s clear that Bangkok hasn’t been left behind by the tech gadget craze.

It’s just one example of the contrast between traditional and more modern aspects of day to day life in Bangkok.

Even just a short walk in the area around our apartment building covers everything from western-style big box department stores to street food and open air markets.  Dinner could just as easily come from here…

or one of two major supermarkets in the area.

The same goes for vegetables – whether you prefer the (more expensive) packaged variety

…or the fresh market just a bit further down the road.

Apartments vary from the very local, to one of the many new developments in the area.

While getting around could range from the gas-guzzling red bus

…to air-con taxi

…or even the canal boat (we haven’t yet seen where this one goes).

Partly this all no doubt reflects inequality in incomes, but it’s more complex than just that, with high-class restaurants imitating the traditional street-food style.  Travel by boat also helps avoid Bangkok’s notorious traffic.

The variety helps with the flexibility to choose between a “thai-style” or western lifestyle, or parts of both, adding an element of liveability to the (at times) craziness of day to day life.


3 thoughts on “Contrasts of daily life in Bangkok

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