Food Friday – Khao Man Gai

Khao Man Gai is also known as Hainanese Chicken Rice or Chicken Rice. Food stalls selling Chicken Rice are found all over Bangkok, from street side vendors to mall foodcourts – you’ll know you’ve found it by the whole cooked chicken hanging from a hook in the window. Just simply asked for Khao Man Gai.

You can get standard Chicken Rice which is either boiled or steam chicken or you can get fried chicken. I enjoy both and as you can see in the photo below you can get both together. And it’s served with a bowl of chicken broth.


This simple combination is one of my favourite foods in Thailand and I’m pretty sure that I could eat if for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for an entire week. I’m tempted to try this out but I’m concerned that it would lead to a case of ‘I can’t look at Chicken Rice without feeling sick’ and I think that would be the bigger disaster.

I first tried Chicken Rice in Malaysia back during our 2008 trip and fell in love. I think the Thai Chicken Rice is a little different from Malaysian Chicken Rice and mainly I think it’s the types of sauces they have with it, though this seems to change depending on which food stall or restaurant you get it from. I’ve seen sweet chilli sauce, sweet soy sauce, thick chilli based sauce, light soy sauce with chopped chillis and I’m sure there is more I haven’t seen yet.


2 thoughts on “Food Friday – Khao Man Gai

  1. Hard to go past Khao Man Gai. Pretty much a staple of my diet in Thailand, specially when I am training. Used to be an amazing place on the corner of soi 7 Ratchada a couple years ago. They sold it under a condo/massage building where the carpark would usually be. Chicken is the one thing I will never get bored of eating.

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