Monday Madness – Umbrella Bags

What an ingenious idea,  specially designed plastic bags for wet umbrellas to prevent people traipsing water through the MRT stations and trains.  


Display of plastic bags for wet umbrellas, just waiting for the next downpour.

Yes this isn’t some sort of madness, it’s actually a really great idea.   I can say from first hand experience that day I entered the MRT station with my dripping umbrella and there weren’t any bags like this displayed I was a little concerned with creating puddles all the way through the station and slipping on the tile floor in my jandals wasn’t much fun. 



3 thoughts on “Monday Madness – Umbrella Bags

  1. in a large shopping mall here they go one step further with an automated version at each entrance. Simply dunk yr collapsed wet brolly in a shute and its instantly sorta shrinkwraped no charge. BTW How are you guys coping with the daytime temps 35C?

    • That sounds a lot more efficient.

      We are coping pretty well with the heat, didn’t actually realise it was that hot though. Spent the last weekend at the beach which seemed a little cooler, well at least at night. Other than that I think not sleeping with the air con on is helping us acclimatize.

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