Monday Madness – Sea Walkers

Our time on Koh Samet a couple of weeks ago was enjoyable, watching young Thais spend a lot of money, getting rather drunk, buying lanterns to float off into the night sky for luck  and enjoying the live music and fire shows. 

Koh Samet had a couple of quieter beaches where you could escape a little from the party scene. We enjoyed our time on Ao Phutsa (also known as Ao Tubtim) and planned to go to the quieter beach further along at Ao Nuan when we go back again.   Being an island within 3.5 hours of Bangkok it was always going to be a place where people go to have fun.  

The island has plenty of options for fun in the sun as well including snorkelling or island hopping tours,  you could rent inflatable beds, giant turtles or whales to play with in the water or you could hire someone to take you out on a banana boat, or paragliding…

Or you could Sea Walk? –  now I don’t know what this is but based on this picture I image sea walking is something close to being an underwater astronaut and being a diver.  Why you’d want to put a on ‘air bubble’ helmet (and look like a character from sponge bob square pants) instead of snorkelling or diving I just don’t know.


A sign on the beach advertising sea walking and other activities


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