Enjoying the Thai sense of fun

The idea of “fun” is such a part of Thai culture that it helps add to the generally relaxed atmosphere of the place. Although at times you can miss it in some of the busier day-to-day interactions, it’s never too far from the surface – as Kristal found out when she bought some guavas the other day from a giggling fruit vendor (both “guava” and “foreigner” translate as the same word, “falang” in Thai.)

The Bangkok Post ran an article a while ago on the “real” side of forensic investigation in the Thai police. Possibly the best quote was “He [Police Lt Gen Jaramporn] admitted that while forensic and physical evidence gathering at crime scenes has been going on for years, the idea to name the team CSI Thailand came about just two years ago, influenced largely by the popularity of American TV dramas aired on cable.”

The focus on fun is also well entrenched in even more formal work environments, like the 3rd Area Command of the Royal Thai Navy performing their own version of “Gangnam Style” a month or two back. (This wasn’t viewed so positively from higher up though, and the organisers later apologised).

Although the songkran new-year celebration is probably its own example of having fun, when daily life degenerates into one big water fight, how best to promote road safety ahead of this time when the road toll typically spikes? With a dance performance from the women of the Thai police, of course!


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