Monday Madness – Thai lottery numbers – fixed or fate?

In Thailand the lottery is a big deal and choosing lotto numbers is an art. Nothing it seems is off limits for inspiration for picking the right numbers.


While reading the paper over the weekend I came across this article and I was surprised to discover it wasn’t just the Bangkok Post making a joke but an actual complaint by some Thais about the lottery numbers.

The essence of the story is that “… Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was accused by losing punters of fixing winning lottery digits…”. Potentially this could be corruption at work and the government is trying to swing votes by manipulating the numbers so that Thais would feel more favourably towards the Prime Minister? I can see why the government might want to increase her favourability rating, especially with the recent New York Times article stating that the government is actually being run by her brother via skype. But the bizarre part of the story is that they think that the lottery numbers are being matched up to license plates of vehicles owned by the prime minister!


One thought on “Monday Madness – Thai lottery numbers – fixed or fate?

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