Monday Madness – Lost in Translation

One of the great things about spending time in a place where english isn’t the main language is the fun of dealing with the innocent things that go wrong in translation.  Sometimes this can be frustrating if you’re not in the mood for it and just want to get things done, but more often you just have a good chuckle.

Such as when the bands performing at our night market who have (impressively) taught themselves the english lyrics by ear get a crucial word wrong, changing the whole meaning of the song…a la Coldplay’s hit “how long must you pay for me”.  Still, I can’t imagine what we’d be like singing in Thai, probably we’re bad enough ordering food! 

But other times the translation on signs just leaves us mystified, like the heading of this one (at the international airport, of all places).  What does it mean?  I guess we’ll have to call the security staff to find out?  Maybe better not.



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