Monday madness – Well that’s a good thing

When you spend most of your time eating Thai food, whether it be on the street, in a restaurant or at home, sometimes you just feel like a trusty sandwich.

Surprisingly, the Max Value supermarket chain actually makes some pretty nice sandwiches.  My personal favourite is the egg and salad sandwich – I think it has something to do with the mayonaise they used – it’s delicious.

So the other day when I went to buy my trusty egg sandwich I discovered this sign.

Egg Sandwich sign Thailand

Well that’s good to know!

It isn’t the easiest sign to read – my first thought was ‘Lack of Bird Flu’ – well that’s good to know.   Followed by a chuckle at how badly written it was.   I don’t want to joke about Bird Flu as I know that it is serious but I hadn’t even realized it was in Thailand –  on further research I discovered it isn’t yet.   So I imagine this is just trying to came the nerves of all those worried egg sandwich loving people.    Fingers crossed Bird Flu doesn’t come to Thailand and that I can continue to enjoy my cheap egg sandwiches.


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