Food Friday – Yam Kai Dao – a delicious Thai salad!

The first time I tried Yam Kai Dao (Fried Egg Salad) was at the Centre where I’ve been doing some volunteer work.  Every day the Centre puts on lunch for all the staff and volunteers, I always look forward to a delicious Thai meal.  Sometimes it will be something I already know and some days it will be new dish I haven’t tried before.   I remember the day they served up this salad it looked so fresh and vibrant sitting waiting to be eaten I was salivating before I had even taken my first bite.   With a warning from the Thai staff that “it is a little spicy” I dove straight in, doing my best to avoid the large portions of chilli in the dish.   Yes it was a little spicy, the kind of spicy that builds up the more you eat but it was also sweet and sour.  It tasted just as fresh and delicious as it looked.

Ever since that day I’ve been doing my best to find the dish in my local area but so far with no luck.  So if you know where they serve it in On Nut or near by please let me know.

Yam Kai Dao is a delicious combination of fried eggs, tomatoes, onions, coriander, and chilli all combined with a yummy dressing to make one of the best salads I’ve eaten in Thailand.  It got to the point yesterday where my cravings for the salad and the lack of a stall selling it meant that I had to make it for dinner.

Yam Kao Dao - Thai Fried Egg Salad


It was delicious but not quite as good as the one I had before.  Sadly my chilli’s weren’t the hot-burn-your-mouth kind so it didn’t have the same kick and I haven’t yet mastered the Thai way of frying eggs so they are nice and crispy but not over cooked.  So I have a little way to go before I perfect my recipe.   If you are interested in a recipe check out Shannon’s post for a vegetarian version.

Yam Kai Dao - Fried Egg Salad

So good.


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