Food Friday – Katsu Curry @ The On Nut Night Market

Living in Thailand I generally stick to eating Thai food, especially if I’m out at the local night market or eating at a street food stall.   I think my general thought was how could non-Thai food at the night market actually be any good.  Because of this it took me 6 months or so to try some of the non-Thai food at the On Nut Night Market.   There is surprisingly a lot on offer too from Mexican inspired pizza, German sausages with mash potato, Burgers, Sushi and much more.

Being the night market the non-Thai food is generally a reasonable price, more expensive than the Thai food but cheaper than eating at a restaurant.   I still haven’t tried much of the non-Thai food – when I tried the tortilla pizza I was rather disappointed so I haven’t gone back to that stall.   But what I do have regularly is the Sushi and Japanese curry.   Specifically Katsu Curry.

Prior to living here I’d never had Katsu Curry before and now I feel like I’ve been missing out for years because it is a delicious curry.


I’m still trying to figure out what goes into the curry sauce to make it taste so good.  It is a rich, slightly spicy sauce with potatos and carrots poured over deliciously sticky sushi rice and served with crispy battered chicken.  (Looking at the picture while writing this is making me so hungry.)

There are two stalls at the On Nut Night Market that make this delicious curry.  One serves the curry with a lettuce leaf and pickled ginger and I love the zing that ginger gives to the dish.  But the other stall was recommended to us by a Japanese guy who lives in our building.  I think both stalls do make a good curry and I’ll alternate between the two to share the love.




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