Monday Madness – The Problem with Automatic Taps!

I think that it is pretty common these days to find automatic taps in bathrooms in malls, office building etc.  They are great inventions, which I assume are meant to help reduce the spread of germs, just like having no doors so you don’t have to touch anything once you’ve washed your hands.

You would imagine that it shouldn’t be that hard to use an automatic tap either.  Just put your hand under the nozzle and go – but you would be incorrect.  Well at a lot of the malls in Bangkok you would be incorrect.   Often times bathrooms in Bangkok feel like they have been designed for style and fashionable reasons more than practical use.   Most often the trickiest part of using the tap is trying to figure out how to turn it on.  It might be that the design of the sink and mirror means that you don’t see a conventional tap, like in one of the bathrooms in the Terminal 21 mall the water actually shoots out from under the mirror above the sink, it appears as though there is no tap at all.

The biggest problem with turning on automatic taps is trying to activate the sensor.  I’ve lost count of the number of taps I’ve used where the sensor isn’t under the tap meaning to activate it you have to hold one hand over it while you wash the other.

I would have also thought that automatic taps were a great way of saving water too.   So it was funny to see this sign below at another Bangkok mall requesting me to turn the tap off!


The other problem I have with automatic taps is how I’m much I’m getting use to them.   If I’m out at a mall, office buidling, or public space and use the bathroom I’ll expect the taps to be automatic, so I’ll be standing there trying to activate the sensor only to realise it isn’t an automatic tap after all!



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