Monday Madness – Expect the unexpected… Buying chips in a convenience store

When you are at the local convenience store looking for a snack and you can’t read Thai, sometimes you just have to go by the pictures on the packets.   If anything though, this proves that looks can be deceiving! I was in the potato chip aisle of my local convenience store the other week and saw the packet below.

Packet of Chocolate 'chips'

Given it was surrounded by potato chips, cheese puff chips and corn chips I thought it was a pretty safe bet that it was some form of savoury chip.   But it was clear from that the packet it was chocolate flavoured.   I thought to myself ‘Are they really chocolate chips?’  and with that thought I knew I had to buy a packet.


I think it could easily be said that they were more like biscuits but the packaging was so much like chips that it seemed unlikely.   Although, on opening them up they didn’t really look like biscuits either.  Whatever they were, surprisingly they were really yummy with a great crunchy texture and a little bit of smooth chocolate filling.   Not quite biscuits or chips, they more reminded me of shredded puff wheat cereal.   I thought they would go great swimming in a bowl of milk.

close up of chocolate chip

It just goes to show that in Thailand nothing is as it seems…even the chips!


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