Monday Madness – 5 minute Roadworks

The other day while waiting for a bus on the busy four-lane road called near Klong Toey in Bangkok, I saw an interesting sight.

Firstly on the way to the bus stop I stopped to get a drink from a local drink and snack vendor and saw a few men ripping open a couple of orange bags and tipping the contents on the street.   On closer inspection I saw the bags had the word ‘Asphalt’ on the outside and the contents were indeed a combination of tar and stones (ie. Asphalt).   They had tipped the contents into a hole in the road and pushed it around a bit and walked off.  Not forgetting to take a few photos of their handiwork before leaving.

I thought this was quite interesting and I wondered if there were going to do more but nope, a big Pepsi trunk came a long and drove over the new asphalt compressing it a bit.  Job done!

Then while at the bus stop I see a truck drive up with about 5 men walking behind, dressed casually with sandals and socks and carrying rakes and shovels.


The truck pours out a pile of tar and stones and the guys set to work.


Pushing the asphalt around, filling in the pot hole.


Tidying it up a little bit so it looks a little square.


Then less than 5 minutes later they are gone and have left behind is a pile of slightly smoothed over asphalt.   With cars driving through it within seconds, flicking stones everywhere.

Then onto the next patch a little way up the street.


It is definitely the quickest roadworks I’ve ever seen.  I’m a bit hesitant about it’s longevity though!

 © 2013, Kristal Collis

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