Exploring Bangkok’s lesser-known food centres – and the best lunch dish in Asoke

Although Bangkok has a great variety of Thai food served everywhere from on the street to in the food courts of one of the many malls, some of the best can often be found in the markets that pop up serving office workers or university students during the week.  These places cater very much to the Thais in the area and often aren’t much known by anyone else, so can be a welcome discovery.

While in the downtown Silom area many of these are of the food court variety in one of the office buildings, Asoke has it’s own dedicated lunchtime market which is a magnet for office workers in the area – and of course it wouldn’t be a Thai lunchtime without including looking through the various clothing stalls as well.

The market is located off Asoke Montri (Sukhumvit Soi 21) next to the the Mid Town Asoke mall – which is around 15 minutes walk from the Asok BTS skytrain station.   The first entrance to the market is in a small sidestreet on the left just after the Mid-town building.

Turn left for the market entrance

Turn left for the market entrance

We discovered this market through Nic’s work which is in one of the buildings nearby.  There is no shortage of options (the picture shows only half of the market) – but the first time I had lunch there I ordered a delicious fried chicken dish. It was a bit overwhelming deciding what to order as there are so many stalls to choose from. I ended up choosing the place with the longest line and it didn’t disappoint.

Feeding the lunchtime hordes

Feeding the lunchtime hordes

Selling essentially fried chicken (Gai Tort), the stall is located in the back section of the market, on the side furthest from the mall. It shouldn’t be hard – always a good sign, it’ll be the stall with the long queue.

Busy fried chicken stall - the one with the queue

Busy fried chicken stall – the one with the queue

Gai Tort (Fried Chicken) in Asoke

It reminded me of a mix between a north eastern Thai larb salad and chicken rice (Khao Mun Gai). It contains crispy fried chicken sliced up and toss together with combination of mint, lime juice, fish sauce, and sugar. Served on top of rice and a bowl of chicken broth. You also get a choice of toppings/sides, slithers of green mango, cucumber, crunchy fried batter bits and sweet chilli sauce.

You get good size servings and I’m always full afterwards.   But it’s so delicious that I struggle to stop myself!


 © 2013, Kristal Collis

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