Singburi’s cute coffee shop – Coffee & Milk!

By chance it seems that we have set ourselves the task of seeing how many small towns near Bangkok we can see.   It turns out it is quite fun and also entertaining when local people ask where you have visited during your time in Thailand.  I think often they are expecting the towns that are main tourist attractions like Ayutthaya.  But we often get a happy surprised response when we list off the small towns we’ve visited and even more excitement when one of those towns happens to be their home town.  In case of Singburi people often say, what did you see there?  and they are not surprised to hear not much.

For what it lacks in attractions it makes up for in friendly spirit and a great relaxing atmosphere.   We spent the majority of our time wandering along the streets and country lanes.   Being greeted by curious locals as we passed and as we walked off a country lane where not many people walk, a  friendly old lady asked us ‘bai nay maa’  (which approximately translates to where did you go before you came here).   It was a quiet country lane alongside the river with a few houses here and there, a very peaceful walk looking at the old style houses and occasionally a temple.

Another day we wandered along the riverside walkway with its sparkly fish statues and many friendly soi dogs.   We also checked out the city pillar shrine, which was so pretty apart from the construction around the outside.

It was this day when we wandered into a local neighbourhood and found the cute little coffee shop – Coffee & Milk.  We ended up spending a number of hours here enjoying a nice espresso coffee, delicious Thai food and a yummy Chocolate Sundae.

Where is it?

The coffee shop is about a 10 minute walk from the bus station, although the motorbike taxis at the south end of the bus station know where to go.


© 2014, Kristal Collis

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