Food Friday – Moo Manao – Lime Pork Salad!

If you are a fan of lime then you’ll love this salad.  It consists of three basic ingredients  – Pork, Lime and Cabbage, which doesn’t necessarily sound appealing but they combine together to make a mouth watering salad that is simply irresistible.  My taste buds tend towards enjoying sour flavours – I’ll take a ice lemon tea over water any day.  The more lime the better.

Moo Manao Salad

My version of Moo Manao Salad.

I first tried this salad when I made it myself.  I think I made a good version, it was a great balance of sour and spicy – not as spicy as the real thing but still delicious.  I found the recipe in my Cooking with Poo recipe book and I was a little sceptical about whether it was a genuine thai recipe.  As when I read through the recipe book I saw that a lot of the recipes had ingredients that wouldn’t typically be in a genuine Thai dish.  I think most of the recipes had been either altered for western taste or availability of ingredients in western countries.   But even though they might have been changed they still made great recipes and buying the book went to a good cause.

I recently tried this salad for the second time at Singburi at Coffee & Milk café.   It was great to be able to try a real thai version and I realised there wasn’t too much difference between my version and the real thing.    It seems from some google research that Moo Manao can come in many different forms, with cabbage or without,  with other veges on the side but always with a generous serving of lime juice.

 © 2014, Kristal Collis

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